Commissions – NAV – Version

Bug fixes

Commission calculation for G/L Account

It was not possible to properly calculate commissions for G/L Accounts. This has been corrected.

Entity Type inconsistencies

The field “Entity Type” did not have the exactly same Option values in all occurrences. This has been corrected.

Adjust Cost Item Entry

When the cost was adjusted for item ledger entries, the commission was not always properly adjusted. This has been corrected.



Commission Rate definition by Customer Price Group

In addition to defining commission rates by Customer and Customer Discount Group, it now is also possible to define Commission Rates by Customer Price Group.

Automatic Salesperson assignment

A new action is added to the setup to allow the initialization of the Salesperson Split based on the current salespeople defined on the customers.

Sales Reporting

A new setup is added called “Create zero amount ledger entries”. This defines that Commission Ledger Entries are created for every document and salesperson on the document, even if the salesperson does not receive commission. This can be used for reporting of “Total Sales” in comparison to “Commission Amount”.

Added columns “MTD” (month to date) and “YTD” (year to date) to the Commissions by Salesperson report.

Hockey Stick Commissions

It is now possible to define “Minimums” for  a gross profit or sales amount that has to be achieved to receive a certain Commission percentage. This allows the definition of increasing Commissions for increasing Sales.

Manager Commissions

It is now possible to define a team of salespeople that is managed by a specific salesperson. It then is also possible to define commission rates based on the sales team’s performance. A new report “Calculate Manager Commission” must be executed to calculate this manager amount.

New Commission Rate Type

A new type has been added to allow the definition of difference commission rates based on the “Line Discount %”.

Salesperson groups

Added the ability to define groups of salespeople to reduce the complexity of the commission rate definition. A commission rate now can be defined by group and is then valid for all salespeople in this group.

Campaign Commissions

Specific commissions can now be defined by Campaign. If the campaign is added to the sales document, the commission rates defined on the Campaign Commissions. If the campaign is not defined on the sales document, the normal commission rates take effect.

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