agilesWorkflow for Manufacturing

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Workflow solution for manufacturing processes

Workflow solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Requirements like just-in-time production and reduction of waste are daily questions in the manufacturing industry. To fulfill these requirements, it is necessary to setup flexible and easy to change business process workflows in  Dynamics NAV.

Our workflow solution helps you also by setup new manufacturing processes and show them transparent in Dynamics NAV. After the production process, there is a part for quality control, also this important manufacturing step can be setup as a special workflow in Dynamics NAV.

Agiles improves your manufacturing process in Dynamics NAV for:

  • Product Development Workflow
  • Quality Control Workflow
  • Production Planning Workflow
  • Overdue Production Order Notification
  • Scrap Amount Notification
  • BOM change Notification
  • Delayed status Change Notification
  • New Manufactured Item Workflow

Production process can be mapped with agilesWorkflow in Dynamics NAV 2017

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