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“Sales solves all Problems” but to keep your Sales pipeline full and your company in the green you must deal with commissions. There are no “general accepted commission principles,” therefore, you need a system that is as flexible as your requirements.

We have developed a NAV-X Commission Management app that is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You may now automate your NAV-X commission calculations. There is no need to spend countless hours each month (financial period) trying to calculate commissions. The program has the flexibility to work within your business requirements. Focus your extra time on strategy and sales as opposed to manually managing commissions. Our program even allows for your sales professionals to review their own data and free you up from fielding questions on their “deals”. This way, they trust the numbers and will focus more time on selling and less time examining their commission payments.

How do you calculate your commissions today? Is it on Gross Profit (GP)? Sales revenue? Our NAV-X Commissions app can now easily track the real-time data in Dynamics NAV. By working within the Dynamics 365 product, NAV-X Commissions provides you with reports, statistics, as well as sales that you have paid and what is pending for the next processing run. The ability to having real-time information will eliminate countless hours of manual cross checking and hash marks.

Relax…We have you covered. With real-time reports, you will can see your business rules in action. Are you paying commissions on: Full or partially paid invoices, Shipments, Invoices, by job, split by product group or regional, different commission rates based upon a product or product family? NAV-X Commissions can calculate and process all these various formulas for you. Need to adjust the cost of the product to ensure commissions are properly accounted for? No Problem. Our NAV-X Commissions engine will adjust commissions based upon changes to inventory cost adjustments made within Dynamics NAV.

Features of  NAV-X Commissions:

  • All commissions defined by Sales Order line
  • Ability to navigate on the commissions entries
  • Commission calculations based on sales or profit or minimum gross profit percentage
  • Commission calculations paid on (fully or partially) paid invoices
  • Commission percentage plus override capability on items, accounts.
  • Ability to view and override commission rates at a line level
  • Commission adjusted for Item cost changes when cost adjustments are made
  • Ability to make manual adjustments
  • Commissions split among multiple salespeople, regions, territories
  • Ability for salespeople to view their own commission records
  • Ability to accrue payable commissions
  • Commission statistics by salesperson
  • Batch commission reporting
  • User-level security

NAV-X Commissions is Certified for Dynamics NAV and as such, it is available from your Certified Dynamics NAV partner. Need help? Let us contact your partner on your behalf.

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