Process Optimization

through the workflow solution for Dynamics NAV

Our certified workflow solution supports the automation of business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through agilesWorkflow, you can increase your company’s productivity with transparent, tailor-made processes for your business requirements without any additional development.

Start optimizing your company’s processes now with the workflow solution, which is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and also available for older versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Contact us for more information.

agilesWorkflow helps to enhance your processes optimization with an easy to-do management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

agilesWorkflow is used by more than 25000 user worldwide and is the only certified workflow solution since years for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). agilesWorkflow supports your internal business process optimization.

Why agilesWorkflow?

  • Easy integration in every database
  • Ready to use without development
  • Since 6 years as worldwide add-on available

How does agilesWorkflow enhance your process optimization?

Guidance: Give employees across your organization the tools they need to be guided through the most effective business processes.

Productivity: Set it up and forget it! It’s ready to use with no need for technical resources. And you stay in control – giving you functionality and security.

Flexibility: Enable your team to respond to business needs by implementing a workflow for critical processes. Because workflow is embedded across your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, your staff will be able to leverage skills they already know to get more out of your business system.