agilesWorkflow for Sales and Marketing

Valid master data and successful customer relationships with specific workflow in Dynamics NAV

Workflow solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Mistakes by new items, customers or vendors belonging to the past from now on and this all without any development in your database!

agilesWorkflow offers you to setup individual master data workflows to examine important fields, necessary documents to approve, before the master data can be used in Dynamics NAV. Blocking automatically of master data as long as not all requirements like for e.g. the finance fields on the item are not correctly set, without any coding.

But not only valide master data is important in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you want also a better relationship with your customers and statified customers by a transparent sales claim processes? agilesWorkflow helps you to optimize your processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Example workflows for sales and marketing:

  • New Customer Workflow
  • Customer Field Change Notification
  • Credit Checking Workflow
  • Over Credit Limit Notification
  • Contract Management Workflow
  • Sales Order Entry Workflow
  • Sales Quote Approval Workflow
  • Sales Quote Follow Up Workflow
  • Credit Claim Workflow and Approval
  • Bank Order Workflow
  • Overdue Shipments Notification
  • Sales Order Change Notification
  • Pre Sales Shipment Workflow
  • Price Expiration Notification
  • Price Update Process and Approval
  • Customer Complaint Workflow
  • Opportunity Management Workflow
  • Monthly Account Management Phone Call
  • Campaign Management Workflow

Recurring tasks in the workflow process in Dynamics NAV

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