Credit Card – NAV – Version


Service Management integration

Credit cards can now be processed for service orders and service invoices. The same functionality from the sales area now allows credit cards to be authorized and charged on service orders as well as service invoices.

Paying multiple invoices with one credit card transaction

It is now possible to easily pay multiple open invoices via one credit card charge. This can be done from the customer ledger entries for a customer. A new action “Charge Card – multiple invoices” was added that will allow the selection of multiple invoices and then the entry of one or multiple credit card numbers. The cards will be charged and the payments posted and applied to the credit card


Partial payment unapply – refund failed

When one invoice was paid with multiple credit cards and one of the credit card charges should be refunded, the payment must be unapplied manually. Once the payment is unapplied and the user tried to refund the charge, the refund is processed, but an error is displayed in NAV and the refund is not posted in NAV. This has been corrected.

Posting date not in allowed period

This was already addressed in version, but a few additional scenarios were found where the same issue surfaced. This has been corrected.

Refund of posted invoice failed, if original transaction was credit card and “open credit” allowed

A posted sales invoice can be refunded, by selecting the Refund action from the customer ledger entries. In this case, the system posts a credit memo and then a refund to the credit card. However, if the original invoice was paid via credit card and the setting “Open Credit Allowed” was set, the system asked for credit card numbers to refund the transaction to and then failed doing so. This has been corrected.

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