Credit Card – NAV – Version


Multi currency invoice amount calculation

The invoice amount to be charged on a credit card was not properly converted into local currency.

Account Holder Name was not transferred to Gateway during PreAuth of new card

The Account Holder Name is a required field to ensure that transactions are classified as PCI Level 3. While this PreAuth immediately gets voided after the attempt (this is only done to check the validity of the credit card), it is now included to properly transmit all data.

InvoiceNo was not transferred to Gateway, if longer than 10 characters

The InvoiceNo field is a required field to properly classify a transaction as a PCI Level 3 transaction. If the invoice number was longer than 10 characters, it was only transmitted in the OrderID field, but the InvoiceNo field was empty. This has been corrected.

Prepayment invoices did not automatically charge credit card

Prepayment invoices were properly authorized (the authorization was transferred to the prepayment invoice and the order was reauthorized), but the actual charge was not processed for the prepayment invoice. This has been corrected.

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