Credit Card – NAV – Version


Added proper support for warehouse enabled locations. Auto-Authorize now on release of warehouse shipment due to multiple orders in one shipment

Warehouse enabled locations can ship multiple orders with one warehouse shipment. Therefore, the authorization functionality has been added to the warehouse shipment release function to automatically authorize all orders on the warehouse shipment.


Extension version did not upgrade all tables and caused errors when upgrading from or earlier to latest version

When trying to upgrade from an older version to the latest version, you could see various variations of “Could not upgrade the NAV extension” error due to some missing tables in the upgrade code. This has been corrected.

Sales Shipment Post did not work when “Auto-Authorize on Shipment”

When “Auto-Authorize on Shipment” was activated for sales documents, the system errored out stating that either “ship” or “invoice” must be selected. This has been corrected.

Service Release did not work when multiple lines with the same item and “Auto-Authorize on Release”

When the same item was entered on multiple service lines, an error appeared “Sales Line exists already”. This has been corrected.

Service Post did not work with “Auto-Authorize on Shipment” – still needed manual authorization. Did not work on “Ship” without “Invoice”

When “Auto-Authorize on Shipment” was activated for Service, an error was displayed during the release that the order must be authorized. When the order was shipped without invoicing, no authorization happened. This has been corrected.


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