agilesWorkflow – Eliminate the Bottleneck in your office

“Office Congestion equals Profit Erosion”

For many of us, we deal with congestion on a daily basis during our commute to the office. As one ponders how this many lanes of traffic can come to a grinding halt, you begin to realize that each vehicle represents its own desired workflow. Some will want to speed by the local exits as it is focused on moving ahead quickly towards a longer-term objective. While others need to get off of a local exit and may require a more detailed review. Still other vehicles get caught up in the convergence of the various lanes and tries to set its own pace hindering or stalling the traffic behind them.

Your office has similar bottlenecks. With agilesWorkflow you gain the ability to review your processes and create workflows. Through that you then can determine, based upon company criteria, the most efficient and streamlines approaches to reviewing and approving: Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Engineering Changes, Accounting functions, and many, many more.

A question that often arises is? How to I begin? Below are a series of five steps to help you begin the process of eliminating the bottlenecks and congestion within your office.

Eliminate the bottleneck

Step 1: Mapping

You need to take an “inventory” of your processes and current workflows within your organization. To begin, we recommend starting within one department or within one strategic process. For example, Quote to Order, Order to Cash, or Purchase to Pay. As you begin to examine these processes, use a workflow diagram to help identify decision points, depart interactions, and bottlenecks.

Step 2: Rank and Analyze

All companies have some level of un-documented processes and procedures. They have been embedded into our tribal culture. Now is the time to rank those which will bring about the most improvement for your organization. Once ranked, you will need to analyze those top ones you wish to tackle as a company.

When you analyze, you are looking for the following touchpoints within the process:

  • Why and where do we inspect data?
  • What and where are the redundant (or menial) tasks?
  • Where do we need approval (and do we require it in every circumstance)?
  • Where do we require the most time or are causing delays?
  • Which delays are impeding customer satisfaction
  • Which of these steps are creating bottlenecks and congestion within our organization

Step 3: Redefine and Streamline

Gather the stakeholders of a given process together and begin to cross out all non-value steps, decisions. agilesWorkflow can take on all of the redundant validations as well as data validation to ensure you have the right information within your process. As a result, we can set expectations as to how long a department should review something. Alert others if there will be a delay, and begin to define the new efficient process by utilizing agilesWorkflow.

Step 4: Automate, Implement, Communicate

As soon as we defined new efficient processes, we build out the redefined workflows and critical processes within aligesWorkflow. Because of this, we can now automate decisions, triggers by events within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (or Microsoft Dynamics NAV). Your company should clearly communicate and test these changes with the stakeholders.

Step 5: Review, Refine, Repeat

Continuous improvement is a key strategy that you will need to adopt as an organization.

Once you begin using agilesWorkflow, expect that you should “inspect what you expect,” and review these processes on a quarterly or semi-annual process.

agilesWorkflow provides your company with the ability to eliminate congestion, and optimize your information flow. Because of that, the communication will be improved within your organization and with your customers and vendors.

Stop being stuck in Traffic. . . Together we can eliminate your congestion and improve your bottom-line profit.

agilesWorkflow is available for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013r2, and 2013.

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