Dynamics NAV Credit Card – NAV-X releases version 1.1

Release Note

NAV-X is proud to announce the next version of our fully integrated, easy to use Dynamics NAV Credit Card functionality. With this version, we have added the following new functionality to our solution:

  • Service Management integration: In addition of processing credit cards for sales orders and invoices, Dynamics NAV Credit Card is now fully integrated into the service management module. The same already known user interface is extended into service management. This makes it easy for you to charge your customers for service fees as well as replacement parts. Credit cards can be added to service orders and service invoices and automatically charged when the documents are posted.
  • Paying of multiple invoices via one credit card charge: Dynamics NAV Credit Card provided the ability to pay posted invoices via credit card even after the initial posting. However, it was only possible to pay one invoice with one credit card transaction. Now you can select multiple invoices at once and easily charge one or multiple cards to pay the invoices.

We continuously keep improving and enhancing the functionality of Dynamics NAV Credit Card by NAV-X. This also means that we provide these enhancements for all supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have a lot of new and exciting features on our roadmap and will publish announcements whenever we release a new version – stay tuned.

About Dynamics NAV Credit Card

NAV-X has partnered with the merchant service provider Century Business Solutions to release easy to use and fully integrated credit card processing capability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The new partnership between Century Business Solutions and NAV-X allows credit card processing directly within Dynamics NAV. This helps to streamline workflows and lower processing fees.
After evaluating several different payment options, Century Business Solutions stood out as the premier payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV-X will utilize Century’s proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, to provide credit card processing through NAV-X Credit Card for thousands of merchants across the country.

You can find more details about the functionality on our product page.

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