Dynamics NAV Credit Card Processing – Version 2.00

Release Note

NAV-X is proud to announce the release of version 2.00 for its credit card processing functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With this version, we have added new functionality including:

  • Authorize and Charge vs. Sale: You can now configure the processing mode and decide, if you want to authorize a credit card first and charge at the time of invoicing or immediately process a sale.
  • Multiple merchants: It is now possible to define an unlimited number of merchant accounts per company.  The merchant accounts can be configured based on a selected dimension value or to be used for different currencies.
  • Credit Card Entry possibility for your customers: Your customer don’t need to give you their credit card information to be able to process credit card transactions. Customers can enter their credit card information in a secure portal on the payment processor. You can then use the entered information to process credit card transactions without knowing the full credit card number.
  • Web Service: We have made the authorize, charge, and sale functionality  available through a web service. This allows you to integrate the same credit card processing on your eCommerce solutions and process the transactions securely through Dynamics NAV.
  • and much more

All this new functionality is available for current new customers within the base NAV-X Credit Card package. You do not need to buy different granules for different parts of the functionality.

About Dynamics NAV Credit Card

NAV-X has partnered with the merchant service provider Century Business Solutions to release easy to use and fully integrated credit card processing capability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The new partnership between Century Business Solutions and NAV-X allows credit card processing directly within Dynamics NAV. This helps to streamline workflows and lower processing fees.
After evaluating several different payment options, Century Business Solutions stood out as the premier payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV-X will utilize Century’s proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, to provide credit card processing through NAV-X Credit Card for thousands of merchants across the country.

You can find more details about the functionality on our product page.

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