NAV-X Credit Card for Microsoft Dynamics NAV released

NAV-X has partnered with the merchant service provider Century Business Solutions to release easy to use and fully integrated credit card processing capability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The new partnership between Century Business Solutions and NAV-X allows credit card processing directly within Dynamics NAV 2017, helping to streamline workflows and lower processing fees.
After evaluating several different payment options, Century Business Solutions stood out as the premier payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV-X will utilize Century’s proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, to provide credit card processing through NAV-X Credit Card for thousands of merchants across the country.

“NAV-X Credit Card has been designed to be efficient, logical, and user friendly,” said NAV-X President Thomas Falteich. “The goal was to provide you with a feature rich extension that was still simple and easy to use.”

The NAV-X Credit Card functionality includes the ability to process (authorize, charge, void, and refund) credit cards from Customer, Sales, Account Receivable, and Credit memo pages within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The powerful EBizCharge payment gateway will allow merchants to lower processing fees by submitting line item details directly to the bank. EBizCharge is fully PCI compliant and offers advanced data encryption and tokenization technology to ensure maximum transaction security within Dynamics NAV 2017. EBizCharge is compatible with over 50+ leading ERP/accounting systems and major online shopping carts, and provides unlimited transaction/batch history for reporting purposes.

“NAV-X has a very strong history with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and we are incredibly excited to have our EBizCharge payment solution as the preferred payment gateway for NAV-X Credit Card,” said Scott King, Executive Vice President of Sales at Century Business Solutions. “We value our partnerships, and look forward to building a strong relationship with the NAV-X community.”
The EBizCharge payment gateway will help to streamline workflow, eliminate double data entry, and make payment processing more efficient within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With EBizCharge, users can run custom reports, sort through transactions by category, and immediately release funds when issuing refunds. In addition, EBizCharge is designed to reduce payment processing costs by submitting line item details to the bank, and provides $0 setup fees, $0 upgrade fees, and $0 maintenance fees.

Century’s partnership with NAV-X will streamline credit card processing, and make payment acceptance easier for any business that uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is currently available for all supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can find more details about the functionality on our product page.

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