Commissions – NAV – Version

Bug fixes

Commissions from Customer Discount Group

When opening the Commission Rates page from a Customer Discount Group, an error message was received stating “Could not find matching column binders for all of the given field ids”. This has been corrected.

Calculate Commissions with “Use Most Specific” not set

Commissions were not calculated correctly, when “Use Most Specific” was set to “false”. This has been corrected.

Salesperson Split

Salesperson split could not be created from Ship-to Address. This has been corrected



Code refactoring

Code was streamlined and refactored to allow the reuse of functionality. All custom objects had the prefix “NAVX” added to the object name.

Generic Commissions

It is now possible to define a specific Commission Rate as a “Generic Rate”. This is defined on the Commission Rate page. A generic commission will be added to a particular transaction as soon as the combination of Customer, Customer Group, Item, Item Group, etc. matches. The salesperson for this generic commission does not have to be defined in the Salesperson Split.

Commission Calculation Method by Salesperson

It is now possible to define the calculation method for commissions by individual salespeople. This makes it possible to have one salesperson calculate the commission by Gross Profit and another salesperson by Sales Amount.

New Commission Calculation Method

It is now possible to define commissions by Quantity. This now allows defining commission amounts by the number of items sold, which is, for instance, useful for tracking of royalties payable.


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