Commissions – NAV – Version

Bug Fixes

Commissions by Salesperson report

The commissions by salesperson report did not show all detail data when multiple items for one invoice were commissionable. This has been corrected

Commission calculation with “Use Most Specific” not checked

Commission was calculated for the same line multiple times. This has been corrected.

“Could not find matching column binders for all of the given field Ids” when opening commissions from Customer Discount Group

When the Commissions page was opened from the customer discount group page, the above error message appeared. This has been corrected.

Commission Setups for Ship-to Addresses

“Filter could not be applied” error message appeared when a commission was setup for a Ship-to address. This has been corrected.

Adjust Cost created additional commission ledger entries

When the report “Adjust Cost – Item Entries” was executed, additional commission ledger entries were created with incorrect values. This has been corrected.

Commissions were not properly archived

When a sales document with commissions was archived, the commissions were not archived properly and could not be restored together with the sales document. This has been corrected.


Salesperson by location

It is now possible to define different salesperson splits per location. This allows to define different sales people to receive commission when items are shipped from one location or another for the same customer.

Manual Commission processing

You can now mark commission ledger entries as processed without creating purchase invoices. This can be used to mark commission ledger entries as processed when the commissions are paid via payroll.

Employee Commission payment

Salesperson commissions can now be paid using the Employee payment functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and Business Central. External salespeople can still be paid via vendor invoice processing.

Manager commissions

You can now define managers for different salespeople. These managers can receive commissions or fixed bonuses based on their salespeople’s performance during a given time period.

Tiered or “Hockey Stick” commissions

It is now possible to define different commission rates based on the performance of a salesperson in a given time period. For instance, 1% commission can be paid below $100,000 sales in a month and 1.5% can be paid for $100,000 – $150,000 sales in a month, and 2% if the sales is higher in a month.

Commissions based on gross profit percentage

Different commission rates can be defined depending on the gross profit percentage that a specific sale achieves.

Commissions based on discounts

Different commission rates can be defined depending on the discounts given on a specific sale.

Royalty tracking

It is now easier to track royalties using NAV-X Commissions. A fixed amount can be setup per sold quantity as the royalty or commission.

Commissions by Customer Price Group

Commission rates can now be defined for customers belonging to a specific customer price group.

Commission rates for Sales Campaigns

Different commission rates can be defined now for a specific sales campaign. If this sales campaign is defined on the sales document, the campaign commission rates are effective, otherwise the standard commission rates.

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