Credit Card – NAV – Version

Bug Fixes

Account Holder Name was not imported properly

When credit cards were imported from the gateway, the account holder name was not always imported, since other applications could have stored it in two different ways. This has been corrected.

Errors during posting

Under certain conditions, errors could happen during the posting process, which could leave credit cards being charged in the gateway and not in the system. The functionality has been adjusted to perform more tests before the actual processing to ensure that the posting will go through.

500 error

When invalid credentials were entered, the system returned a “500 – internal server error”. This has been changed to show now the proper error message.

Text conversion overflow for external document number

When an external document number was entered that was longer than 30 characters, an text conversion error was displayed. This has been corrected.

Additional Authorization Type is blank

It was possible to define a G/L Account or Bank Account even though the “Type” was set to blank. This caused issues when creating additional authorization lines. This has been corrected.

Credit Card Import

The credit card import could take a long time when running the process. It was also possible to import the same card multiple times under certain conditions. This has been corrected.

Posting payments did not include salesperson code

When posting a payment for credit card payments, the salesperson code was not posted to the customer ledger entry. This has been corrected.


Partial Authorizations

It is now possible to define in the setup that partial authorizations are allowed. You can either enter a partial amount in the “authorize card” actions or you can also setup to use the ship-to quantity to calculate the partial amount.

User Interface Adjustments

All pages have been adjusted to have the credit card functionality in the same spots with the same or similar actions.

Auto Charge when releasing an invoice

A new setup has been added to allow the credit card to be automatically charged when a sales invoice is released.

Physical Terminals

It is now possible to use physical terminals and have them integrated into the sales process. Cards can be charged, for instance, from the sales order by swiping a credit card using an approved credit card terminal.

It is also possible to swipe a card for already posted invoices from the invoice card as well as the Customer Ledger Entries.

The “Swipe Card” functionality can also be used to enter a manual card without storing the credit card data in the gateway or the system.

Downloading Credit Cards

It is now possible to download credit cards for a specific customer from the gateway manually. If the customer entered a credit card on the portal and the card was not automatically imported yet, it can be triggered by the user manually.

Process multiple documents

Batch reports have been created to allow the authorization or the charge of multiple orders or invoices at the same time. It is also possible now to automatically charge posted invoices. The default card on the customer’s account will be used when no card is defined.

Payment on Account

It is now possible to post payments on account for a specific customer. This can be done directly from the customer card and will create an open payment. For instance, this can be used to receive deposits.

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