Commissions – NAV – Version 2.1.1

Bug Fixes

When open invoice is closed, the commission ledger entry status is not updated properly

When a payment is applied to an invoice any other way than through cash receipt or deposits, the commission ledger entry status is not updated to “Paid”. This has been corrected.

Partial Postings caused incorrect commission ledger entries

When an invoice was partially posted, the commission ledger entry amounts and statuses were not always correct. This has been corrected.

Starting and Ending date incorrectly filtered on Commission Rates

When using the starting and ending date for commission rates, the effective date did not filter the commission rates properly based on the defined starting and ending dates. This has been corrected.

Commission Rate setup for all items and “blank” caused incorrect rates

When commission rates were setup to be valid for “All Items” and additional rates were setup for “Blank” (all entities), both rates were added to the sales transaction. This has been corrected.

When using manager commissions, the request page for an internal report showed up during commission processing

An internal report is utilized to calculate manager commissions before the normal commissions are processed. The request page for this report showed up requiring the user to click “OK”. This has been corrected.

Performing a lookup on the Commission Journal Batch Name crashed the client

When selecting the lookup on the Commission Journal Batch Name field, the client crashed. This has been corrected.

The Template List cannot be edited

When trying to create a template for the commission journal, the list was not editable. A template now is created automatically not requiring to edit the list.


Commission Calculation Redesign

We redesigned the commission calculation internally. We now added extensibility so that custom commission calculations can be added.

Commission Rates on Sales Growth over time

It is now possible to define different commission rates based on the growth of sales over time.

Commission Rates per item category

You can now define commission rates on an item category and it is valid not only for this item category, but also for all item categories below this. You can also define commission rates that are valid for all item categories.

Exclude Credit Memos

By default, credit memos will reduce the commission for the salesperson at the time that credit memos are posted. It is now possible to turn off this functionality and not include credit memos at all in the commission calculations.

Commission Rates for overdue invoices

Commission rates can now be entered that go into effect based on a minimum days that an invoice is overdue. If your normal commission rate is 5%, but you want to reduce the commission rate to 4% for invoices that are more than 90 days overdue, you can now define the new commission rate of 4% for this.

Maximum Commission Limits

Commission payouts can be configured to not exceed a certain limit per month or other time period. It is especially useful when using commission calculations to calculate royalties.

Commission Rates by Dimensions

You already have various customer groupings that can be used to define different commission rates. You can use the Customer Discount Group, Customer Price Group, or a Commission Group. Now you can also use Global Dimensions 1 and 2 to define different commission rates. When sales transactions are entered, the system will use the global dimension 1 and 2 values defined on the sales transaction to calculate the proper rates.

Different Commissions for the initial sale

If you onboard a new customer, there is typically a lot more effort put in by a salesperson. This effort can be rewarded by defining higher commission rates for the initial sale to a customer.

Foreign Currency

The foreign currency integration has been changed. It is now possible to calculate a commission on a sale in, for instance, CAD and pay a salesperson in the same currency using the same exchange rate. Before this, the commission was always calculated in the local currency and then a specific exchange rate was used at the day of the commission processing. This lead in higher or lower commission payments.

Automatic Salesperson Reports via email

You can now define an automatic process to send commission reports to your salespeople via email. In the defined interval, the system sends an email with the salesperson’s individual report. It is not necessary anymore to create reports and email those manually.

Commission Charts

We added a “Commission by Salesperson” chart to the role center. You can now see the performance of the different salespeople (or your own performance, if you are a salesperson) directly on the role center in a chart.

Power BI enablement

We added queries to the functionality that easily can be used by Power BI to create powerful commission reports and dashboards.

Setup Wizard

It is now possible to define everything in the wizard needed to get started with commissions. You can now define the user setups as part of the commission setup wizard as well.

Simplified user experience

We added new configuration options to the commission setup. You can now define which functionality you are using and which you are not using. Based on those setups, only the relevant actions are shown on the pages to make it easier for users.


We are now making Commission Management available in additional countries and languages. The functionality is available in multiple countries and languages for Business Central – please contact us, if you need localized versions for older versions of Dynamics NAV.

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