Process Automation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 – agilesWorkflow releases new version

Business Process Automation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

You can define workflows and tasks to automate your business processes using agilesWorkflow. This productivity tool makes it easy for you to define alerts, approval requirements, and automated data validity tests. Those are just a few capabilities of the business process automation functionality available through agilesWorkflow. Utilize agilesWorkflow and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage your business by exception. Do you want to learn more? Please read the additional information available here.

What’s new?

agilesWorkflow is now available as version 5.15. With this version, you now can easily automate your business processes in Dynamics NAV 2018 and take full advantage of the depth and breath of the productivity tool to customize your system without requiring development know-how. The main purpose of this release is the readiness for Dynamics NAV 2018, however some smaller issues have been resolved. agilesWorkflow is easily integrated into your existing environment – it does not modify any standard objects. Once you import the necessary objects,  you can start automating your business processes immediately. You can contact us about details for this release.

This release will soon also be available for Dynamics NAV 2017 and 2016, we will keep you posted.

What can I do with it?

agilesWorkflow is a great and very flexible productivity tool which assists you in your business process automation. You can define a lot of your unique workflows and requirements by just configuring workflow steps and triggers that initiate the workflow. Some examples are:

  • New customer entry process – agilesWorkflow guides your team through the required entries, which allows different departments to set up your customers properly.
  • Purchase orders are late – when your team reschedules receipts due to late vendor shipments, agilesWorkflow can notify the proper personnel to reallocate your existing inventory or change shipment methods.
  • agilesWorkflow can monitor your system health – do you have job queues that stop all of a sudden? Let agilesWorkflow notify you.
  • Sales Order review – before your customer service team sends an order to your warehouse for processing, agilesWorkflow can ensure that your orders are entered completely and that the data is valid.
  • Credit management – finally manage your customers’ outstanding invoices through an alert based review process.
  • and so much more…

Where can I get it?

Are you interested in a demo? Do you want to upgrade your system to the latest version of agilesWorkflow? Please contact your partner for more details. You can also contact us and we can assist you and your partner in all your needs.

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