Doing more with less: Workplace shortages and ERP solutions

Workplace shortages and ERP solutions

Increasingly, a familiar condition is beginning to appear within various companies in completely unrelated industries.

While the unemployment level continues to decrease, firms are finding it harder securing skilled individuals for jobs. Specialized positions in organizations are being filled by those, with either limited experience or still learning their roles themselves. In industries, including manufacturing and distribution, finding people is becoming a challenge.

As a result, many companies are resorting to working within more restrictive circumstances. The “Less is more” ideal becomes completely new as owners organize to restructure their firm on these changes.

In most cases, reducing staff and hiring part-time or contract personal, is now standard for many industries. This unfortunately has reduced the productiveness of various firms, as they deal with frequent turnovers and changing staff.

With these developments, some firms are going beyond the question of labor, into that of technology.

Agiles’ Workflow Automation for ERP Software

To simplify their ongoing business concerns, many companies have begun looking at their technology usage.

Often, we notice that organizations have an overly complex internal network for managing their affairs. Finding multiple tasks becoming redundant and cumbersome, some begin looking at alternatives to reorganize themselves.

In these cases, companies will look towards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions as their answer. One such option is agilesWorkflow, an add-on to the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV brand.

You can utilize agilesWorkflow easily in your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. With it, an organization can transform various tasks into something automated, scalable, and customizable for your needs.  You can streamline multiple factors into something structured, streamlined, and efficient.

Better connected into your goals, this Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on can provide a stronger direction to your company. While a foundation and people are always essential, in a changing time, software will allow you to make the difference and gain a competitive advantage.

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