Process Automation – agilesWorkflow releases new version

Business Process Automation made easy

You can define workflows and tasks to automate your business processes using agilesWorkflow. This productivity tool makes it easy for you to define alerts, approval requirements, and automated data validity tests. Those are just a few capabilities of the business process automation functionality available through agilesWorkflow. Utilize agilesWorkflow and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage your business by exception. Do you want to learn more? Please read the additional information available here.

What’s new?

agilesWorkflow is now available as version 5.14. With this version, you have access to a lot of new and exciting features. The main features include:

  • A new Setup Wizard to initialize the workflow setup. This saves you valuable time to get up and running with your process automation.
  • Workflow Visualization to display a workflow or a workflow template as a graphical process (requires add-in).
  • Archiving for workflows based on specified conditions.
  • A new Object Call to delete archived workflows.
  • A new Object Call to automatically archive workflows.
  • Display the number of To-Dos in Employee Card.
  • Use live tiles in administrator web role, which allow your administrator to create employees, teams, or workflow templates easily.
  • New setup parameter available for the exit point codeunit. With this you now can call different functions within a codeunit by simple specifying a function name. Exit point codeunits allow you to execute custom business logic at the end of a specified workflow

The Setup Wizard will make it easier for you to get started quickly with your process automation. This wizard configures the basics of the system so you can focus on your workflow and process mapping. You can now understand your processes easier with the new Workflow Visualization. A picture does say more than a thousand words.

This version is currently available for NAV 2017. In the coming weeks it also will be available for NAV 2015 and 2016. We also added additional documentation. As always, we continuously work on enhancing your business process automation tool.

Where can I get it?

Are you interested in a demo? Do you want to upgrade your system to the latest version of agilesWorkflow? Please contact your partner for more details. You can also contact us and we can assist you and your partner in all your needs.

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