Search for Dynamics 365 Business Edition goes V2

Dynamics 365 Search

NAV-X is proud to announce that its Dynamics 365 Search app passed the app validation. This means, it is  the first app for Dynamics 365 Business Edition available as a ‘V2 extension. It will go live in the January update of Dynamics 365.

What does this mean?

Microsoft has introduced new technology to dramatically improve, but also change the way apps are developed. One of the main reasons was the upgradeability to allow faster and more automated deployments and updates of Dynamics 365 Business Edition.

This change puts a lot of effort onto the ISVs developing the apps. The environment is still in flux and not all functionality is available yet. We invested a lot of resources and effort into the new technology to fully embrace it. We do see it as a step in the right direction with a lot of potential.

NAV-X continues its investment in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics NAV and fully embraces new technologies. We are working continuously on enhancing all our products while working on converting all our products to this new technology.

Why is this important?

Since the technology, the development environment, and to some extend also the development language changed a lot, there is a big learning curve for everyone. As the first company to pass the app validation for V2 extension with Dynamics 365 Search, we have proven that we understand the new environment. This also means that we continue to deliver high quality software solutions built on the latest technology. Since we are well versed in the new technology, we can now shift our focus on our other products. We are committed to converting all our products for Dynamics 365 to the new technology.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers will continue to receive state of the art apps that allow our customers the competitive edge and improved productivity necessary in today’s competitive business landscape.

With NAV-X apps you can rest assured that we continuously enhance all our apps and adjust these  to comply with the latest technologies.

To learn more about our Search app for Dynamics 365 Business Edition, please read here.



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