NAV-X Credit Card is PCI Validated

Secure Payment Processing

NAV-X is proud to announce the successful PCI validation of its credit card solution. Our software is now a “PCI validated payment module”. This means that NAV-X Credit Card meets or exceeds the requirements defined in the PCI Security Standard. 

NAV-X Credit Card went through a lengthy audit to achieve this status. We also will routinely undergo additional audits to validate that our software stays secure. Our customers can rest assured that their credit card data is safe.

The Audit

An assessor validated our software as part of the PCI validation process. The PCI Security Standard regulates this process. The audit validates that our software restricts unauthorized access to sensitive credit card information. Secure communication with the credit card processor is another part of the audit. The assessor reviews product documentation and our implementation and support procedures. This is only a small subset of the items included in the audit, but those are the ones that impact you the most: Your data is secure and we ensure this even in our implementation and support procedures.

As part of the security measures, we do not store any credit card information unsecured or unencrypted in the database. In fact, we tokenize credit card information store it directly in the gateway. Additionally, you can encrypt sensitive data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition.

We want to make our product as secure as possible. But we also focus on ease of use and a full integration into your system. We don’t want you to learn new processes. Therefore, we made NAV-X Credit Card easy to use, fully integrated, and secure.

Learn more

Please click here to see the list of PCI validated applications. Just search for “NAV-X” and will find our listing. You can also learn more about our solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition.

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